Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Proiectul nostru de baschet

After a lot of hard work from the community, we finally finished our sports court project. The village school now has an outdoor court to play basketball, volleyball, and other activities like jump-rope during PE classes. Being that alcoholism and smoking are two of the biggest health problems in the village, this project was a big step for the community to take to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle to the youth. Check out my facebook page for an entire photo album of the project, from day one to the finished court.

Here's the sports court before our project.

Here's the finished court. Over 200 students, teachers, and participated in our opening ceremony. The mayor, school director, NGO president, and I all gave speeches thanking the community for working together to implement the project. This was my first chance to speak to a large crowd in the village, so I thanked everyone for accepting me into the community and for having the patience enough to help me learn their language and culture.

One of Moldova's national news programs did a short clip about our project and aired it on tv. Check out the video here:


  1. I loved the project and again congratulations for a job well done. It has to be very rewarding to see all of the children and parents gathering for such a project as this. Fantastic job son.

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